Sondrio, Heart Of The Alps

Sondrio is the city which makes the Valtellina even more fascinating. Along its streets, visitors may come across hidden treasures such as the antique wood-lined "stüe" or stove-rooms, or the plasterwork and trompe-l’oeil of the Ballroom at Palazzo Sertoli. And no-one should miss the wonderful Renaissance frescos telling the story of the ’“Orlando Furioso” epic poem at the Castello Masegra, a priceless reminder of poet Ludovico Ariosto's great love of the Alps. An aperitif on Piazza Garibaldi and a refreshing stroll along the River Mallero before choosing a good restaurant for a dinner of traditional Valtellina produce will make your stay in Sondrio unforgettable.


Located at the entrance of the Malenco valley, Sondrio is the main centre of the Valtellina area, an important alpine territory of Lombardy. This capital is a small typically alpine town, framed in an exceptional setting of mountains and valleys that enchant for their colors and their shapes. The hospitality reserved for visitors is warm and sincere, the gastronomy to be discovered, the festivals organized by the town cheerful and rich. Whether in winter, covered by a white blanket of snow, or under the summer sun, Sondrio will not fail to conquer you, offering in the meantime a wide choice of activities and entertainment.



Every year there is the Sondrio Festival - International Documentary Exhibition on Parks - the international film competition dedicated to parks and nature reserves around the world.

Sondrio and Valtellina are the home of bresaola and bitto (a typical cheese produced in the mountain pastures). The first one is a salami that has now become established on tables all over Italy, with a savoury and intense taste. Bitto, a typical cheese produced in the mountain pastures, was originally produced in the Morbegnese area. It takes its name from the valleys of the Bitto stream, which near Morbegno flows into the Adda. Now this cheese is produced in the whole Valtellina and also in Alta Val Brembana.

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Unique of its kind and standing on one of Sondrio's central streets, the Piazzi House Apartment Hotel offers its customers an alternative to conventional hotel accommodation, with an apartment-type option.