And the winner is… Italy! Or better: Valtellina.

But wait, we did not win yet. Well, this is actually true, but let’s put it like that: in the last few hours, Sondrio has been feeling like a prize is already in the pocket. And not just any prize, but a really big one. A prize that involved and still means many political decisions, big budgets and a lot of efforts in the whole planning and management. But let’s go back a few hours to what happened last night.

Sondrio Festival is an international festival dedicated to naturalistic documentaries, of high scientific and cinematographic level, made in natural parks and protected areas around the world. Started in 1987, this year it will take place from 15 to 25 November.

The International Festival Jury is made up of documentarians, producers, naturalists, park managers and journalists.

This attraction is at everyone’s hands and offers visitors and hikers a unique panorama. Made of 700 larch wood boards you can see the mountains and the green valley of the river Tartano, particularly famous for the production of cheese from mountain pastures, the dam Colombera, down to the valley floor of Valtellina that ends in the lake of Como. It is the highest Tibetan Bridge in Europe!! 

The most attended international running competition among the Alps.

November 10th 2018. For the sixth year in a row we’re having Valtellina Wine Trail on stage. The most attended international running competition takes place in our Province among the Alps; the registrations have begun and we’ve had until 2000 participants in the past.

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