Valtellina is a fascinating region located in northern Lombardy, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, high-quality gastronomic products, and rich cultural history. If you're looking for a destination for your next vacation, Piazzi House Residence in Sondrio is the ideal accommodation to discover the beauties of this region.

The hotel, situated in the city center, offers comfortable and well-furnished apartments and a wide range of services to meet the needs of travelers, who can benefit from the residential solution to enjoy their vacation in freedom and autonomy.

Sondrio, with the support of Strada del Vino and the Consorzio Vini di Valtellina, presents Calici di Stelle 2024 this summer. This highly anticipated event is a highlight for wine enthusiasts eager to delve into Valtellina's enological treasures. Under the starry sky of the Night of San Lorenzo, numerous producers will share their stories and offer tastings of their finest wines along the city's streets, from Palazzo Martinengo to Castel Masegra. This is a unique opportunity to discover Valtellina's best labels and the most charming corners of Sondrio.

If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation in Valtellina, then Sondrio might be the perfect destination for you. With a wide range of high-quality hotels and residences, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your stay in total comfort. Discover the wonders of Sondrio and Valtellina and immerse yourself in the natural beauty this region has to offer. Summer in Sondrio means relaxation, adventures, and outdoor fun.

And the winner is… Italy! Or better: Valtellina.

But wait, we did not win yet. Well, this is actually true, but let’s put it like that: in the last few hours, Sondrio has been feeling like a prize is already in the pocket. And not just any prize, but a really big one. A prize that involved and still means many political decisions, big budgets and a lot of efforts in the whole planning and management. But let’s go back a few hours to what happened last night.

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Via Giuseppe Piazzi 78
23100 Sondrio

+39 0342 350582

CIR: 014061-RTA-00001

Unique of its kind and standing on one of Sondrio's central streets, the Piazzi House Apartment Hotel offers its customers an alternative to conventional hotel accommodation, with an apartment-type option.