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Valtellina is a wide alpine region which lies for almost 200 km exactly in the middle of the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, Lombardy and Canton of Grisons (Graubünden). It is a diversified territory that rises from the 200 m of the top of the Lake of Como to the 4000 m of the Bernina peak offering a multitude of different environments to discover and enjoy. The wide and sunny bottom of the valley full of fodder and apples changes into terraced vineyards and woods; in the upper part summer pastures and grasslands leave their place to magnificent peaks and glaciers. The valley offers prestigious proposals for tourists: Livigno, Bormio, S. Caterina Valfurva, Madesimo, Aprica, Teglio, Valmalenco, Valmasino and Valgerola are just few famous localities in this area.
Sport, good food, culture and traditions, Spas and many events, everything can be found in Valtellina.....the heart of the Alps.

Valtellina map

 Valchiavenna area
 Morbegno area
 Sondrio and Valmalenco area
 Tirano area
 Alta-Valtellina area


 Valtellina identikit
Country: Italy
Region: Lombardy
Province: Sondrio
Borders: on Switzerland (Canton of Grisons/Graubünden) to its north side, on the rest of Lombardy to its south side, on Trentino Alto Adige to its east side, on Switzerland (Canton of Grisons/Graubünden) and on the high part of the Lake of Como ( Lecco and Como Provinces) to its west side.
People: about 180.000 inhabitants
Area: 3212 Kmq
Difference in height: 198 m (Piantedo) - 4021 m (Bernina Peak)
Length: (West –East ): 119 km
Width: (North –South): 66 km
Geographical co-ordinates: 46°00'-46°39' north latitude, 9°15'-10°39' east longitude.