Sentiero Valtellina Cycle Track

"Sentiero Valtellina" is a beautiful cycle track that winds along Valtellina and Valchiavenna from the Lake of Como

Cycle or walk along the rivers Adda and Mera stopping to visit historic towns with castles, churches and palaces or to taste the simple and hearty dishes of the traditional cuisine. The Sentiero Valtellina and the Ciclabile della Valchiavenna encourage discovery of the area at a slow speed. The two routes, the first 100 kilometres long, the second 50, join together in the near the Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve. 
The two cycle and pedestrian paths, mostly flat or with slight slopes, are suitable for all, including families with children. You can also choose to explore only a short section of them, stopping for a picnic in one of the many rest areas. The variety of views and landscapes makes these walks really picturesque. The railway runs parallel to a good part of the two routes. You can therefore arrive and leave on the train taking your own bicycle with you.