Nature and Sport

The Valtellina, wedged between the Rhaetian Alps and the Bergamo Alps, presents itself to the gaze of the passer-by with many itineraries for nature-lovers, some easy and others of a certain difficulty. Its valley, crossed by the Adda river, features a walking and cycle path that spans the entire area; the various vineyards on its slopes, with their vast plots of terraced land, take all levels of walkers on a gentle trek through the countryside; a little higher up on both sides, various shelters can be reached on foot on itineraries of varying levels of difficulty and length. Visitors have been able to practise rafting here for some years now, also at competition level.

To sum up, in summertime, guests can enjoy the following activities in pleasant natural surroundings:

  • walking, running or cycling along the Valtelline pathway;
  • mountain–biking and trekking along the pathways of the pievi;
  • downhill climbing;


  • Rafting:

along the rapids of the Adda on the Tresenda – Castione Andevenno section, a few kilometres from Sondrio. Difficulty ranges from the 1st to the 4th level.

The areas in question are selected and agreed upon based on the season and level of difficulty.

Nature, adventure and breathtaking itineraries, not to mention an unmissable stopover in a typical restaurant and/or agriturism, to get to know parts of the Adda river first hand, among the most picturesque and uncontaminated ...


  • Canoying:


This is a sport which is part watersport and part mountain climbing. It consists in following the downward flow of little mountain torrents enclosed between tall walls of rock, and in overcoming the obstacles encountered by using specific techniques; for example mini waterfalls, giants' cauldrons eddied from the rock by the water, tobogas (natural slides formed by erosion) and jumps.

From the end of May until October.


  • Hikes at an altitude:

In winter, guests can experience Alpine skiing in Valmalenco, Aprica, Chiesa in Valmalenco,Bormio, Santa caterina in Valfurva and Livigno as well as cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering.



Each area has its own unique characteristics. One thing is certain: from wherever you stand, the view of the countryside from the Valtellina mountain tops is unique!